Use Temp Mail to keep your primary inbox clean

Use Temp Mail to keep your primary inbox clean

Everyone these days is asking for your email address. Want to read an article? You need to register by email first. Want to take advantage of a retail’s offer? You’ll have to sign up with an account. You can’t even comment on a forum or read a thread (with a few exceptions) without having to log in with your email address. Frankly, it’s super tedious. Especially if don’t want to receive countless of offers and newsletters after visiting a website. And now, with the help of apps like Temp Mail you can do just that.

Problem and solution

It happened to all of us at some point. You were unable to access a piece of content because you had to log in with your email first. I don’t really appreciate this strategy and I’m sure you don’t either – advertisers and retailers are basically forcing their updates and newsletters down our throats with little regard for our own preferences. Luckily, there are ways to bypass such schemes.

With, it’s super easy to get a disposable, temporary e-mail address that helps you combat spam in your primary email address. Basically, you should use Temp Mail when you sign up for a service you’re planning to use only once.

What to do?

All you need to do to start using our temporary e-mail address application and choose temp email address that works for you. They are not exactly easy to remember as they are generated as a random association of letters, but you have the option of Copying the address so you don’t have to type it manually. The temp email self-destruct in two days. 

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